Introducing the New Coil-Enhanced Foam Cushion from England Furniture

England Furniture is proud to present their latest ground-breaking technology- a coil-enhanced foam cushion. This cushion features 9 spring coils embedded in the foam core of the cushion, with two 24 lb. foam sections attached to the top and bottom of the core section. This technology combines the luxury comfort of a regular foam cushion with the support and durability of steel coils. Each cushion has 9 steel coils at the center, which means a minimum of 27 coils per sofa.

England Furniture is happy to give their customers choices in their furniture products. We want the customer to be happy and to have furniture that will fit their needs. The coil-enhanced cushion can withstand the wear and tear of children and everyday life while still providing a comfortable place to sit, but if comfort is all you desire, we have cushions for that as well.


England Furniture Company Quality

We here at England Furniture are glad to see some people interested in how we do business to stay above our competitors. This site, along with others that share the England Furniture story, have allowed us to receive thousands of visitors. Enjoy your visit!


Fabric Introductions Undergo

England Furniture - Fabrics

Fabric introductions undergo 10 areas of evaluation to insure standards of quality, strength, and durability are achieved before approval as a product cover fabric.


Areas of Evaluation

England Furniture - Testing

•Abrasion Resistance
•Tear Strength
•Seam Strength and Integrity
•Yarn Ravel and Deterioration

•Nap Durability and Pile Loss
•Backing Performance
•Fiber Migration
•Symmetry and Mirroring

Meeting the Need

England Furniture - Testing 02

Beyond test results to validate compliance with industry standards and guidelines, each England Furniture fabric introduction is further evaluated for performance in relation to in home use and customer expectations.

Taking the Extra Effort

England Furniture Company - Fabric

In addition to standard abrasion testing, England Furniture fabrics undergo an abrasive wear evaluation to identify the characteristics of yarn deterioration, nap performance, and pile fiber loss.


Higher Expectations

England Furniture Company - Testing

The England Cyclic Pull Test often reveals characteristic of seam integrity and yarn separation not readily apparent by the Dynamic Fatigue Test Method. The test allows for a more critical  judgment of the fabrics application.

Additional Tests

England Furniture Company - Fabric 02

Additional testing and evaluation provide the ability for fabric improvement or change in selection to assure high standards of fabric quality are maintained.

England Furniture Reviews Five Ways to Put Your Ottoman to Use

  • Bring a room together with a color coordinated ottoman! Use the colors and fabrics from the room’s surrounding décor to match your ottoman perfectly to the space. You can do a bold contrast color to really make a statement, or a soft neutral allow other features to shine. We have a wide array of fabric and colors choices among our England Furniture ottomans

Our England Furniture Devin Ottoman

  • Use your ottoman for extra storage! Many ottomans are designed to offer you extra space to store things. You can put games, blankets, computers, or even your remote controls in the ottoman hidden away inside, while keeping it close by for regular use. Consider, for example, our England Furniture Olena storage ottoman.

Our England Furniture Olena Ottoman

  • Offer extra seating in a smaller room! An ottoman offers a lot of functionality in a room, the most notable being extra room to sit. If you have company over, and the couches make you feel a little bit too cozy, a plush ottoman can be a nice escape from the crowded love seat.
  • You have a place to put your feet up! At the end of the day, all you really want to do is kick back, and relax. Having an ottoman gives you a place to put your feet up, without destroying the sofa. Most ottomans are large enough to offer this convenience to more than one person too!
  • Versatility never goes out of style! Ottomans have so many uses; you will have a hard time going without it once you’ve experienced all they have to offer! Different shapes, colors, and fabrics make them great for any room, including the kids’ room! Use the flat top surface for board games and family fun, while adding a touch of style to your home.

England Furniture Reviews our England Furniture Locator

England Furniture proudly serves customers all throughout the United States and we can help you find places to view England Furniture selections no matter where you reside. Visit our England Furniture Dealer Locator and simply enter your zipcode or city/state. A list of dealers and retail locations in your area will be provided. View their address, phone number or click on the name to see their website. We even can provide you with directions to a given location. Check out England Furniture Dealer Locator today and discover our commitment to quality and comfort firsthand.


England Furniture Reviews the England Furniture Room Planner

So you’ve decided to purchase a new home and need some furnishings to make it come alive. Perhaps you’ve decided it was time to redesign your living room. Or maybe you just want to dream a little as you consider what a given room in your house could look like some day. Whatever the reason you may be planning a room design, England Furniture is here to help you with our England Furniture Room Planner.


First choose from our large selection of England Furniture offerings and place them in the room of your choosing. If you love a certain England Furniture Collection simply choose that collection from the menu and see all the offerings on one screen. Then add special items like entertainment centers, appliances, curtains, doorways, lighting, mirrors, and throw pillows. You can move and resize any items at will! The choices are endless! After creating your new room you have the option to save the design, print it out or email it.

Discover all these – and many more – wonderful ideas inside our England Furniture Room Planner and let us help you make the best choices possible for your furnishing needs.

England Furniture Honors Sales Reps during 2014 October Market


(From left to right): Jim Emerson, Josh Weeks, Cam Morgan, Phil Johnson, and Dolly Ponta. All winners shown with England Furniture President, Otis S. Sawyer

Several England Furniture sales representatives were recently recognized for their performance during the 2014 fiscal year at the October International Furniture Market in High Point. Recipients of the various England Furniture Sales Awards were determined by such measurable criteria as sales volume, territory GP, and change from the previous reporting period. Other factors that were often considered included the ability to resolve dealer issues, demonstration of a positive work ethic, and other less-definable gauges.

England Furniture is fortunate to have an excellent group of women and men who are dedicated to being the professional connection between the England Furniture factory and England Furniture customer. “All our reps deserve some level of recognition,” said Otis Sawyer, President of England, “but, when benchmarks are applied, understandably, the ones with the most impressive stats gravitate to the top.”

In addition to the regular sales awards, England Furniture also annually awards one individual in their sales force who best exemplifies the values held by England Furniture founder, Arnold Dwight England. The award, the “Mr. D Award,” is arguably the most coveted honor presented each year. On occasion a Trailblazer Award is also awarded to one individual whose was able to grow in his/her territory despite challenging circumstances. This year this amazing award went to our Northern California representative.

The 2014 England Furniture Sales Awards were awarded to the following persons:
Cam Morgan, North Carolina (Small Territory)
Josh Weeks, Colorado and parts of NE and WY (Medium Territory)
Jim Emerson, ND, SD, MN and No. Iowa (Large Territory)
Phil Johnson, Kansas and Missouri and parts of Iowa and NE (“Mr. D” Award)
Dolly Ponta, No. California (Trailblazer Award)

England Furniture Showcases New Introductions at 2014 High Point Market

england-furniture-2014-high-point-market-02-High Point Market is the” world’s home for home furnishings!” “Market” occurs twice a year and it represents the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. The 2014 Fall Market runs October 18th to October 23rd.

Market brings more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina.  It includes 11.5 million sq feet of showspace, it is held in over 180 buildings, and it highlights tens of thousands of new product introductions. England Furniture is showcasing a number of exciting new England Furniture introductions.  New pieces include the Holt Collection, the Blair Collection, and the Estep Series.

Be sure to stop by and visit our England Furniture exhibition. We are located at Plaza Suites 100.



England Furniture Reviews the Quest for the Perfect Loveseat

england-furniture-loveseatThe loveseat remains a popular room to furnish rooms in your home. They are comfortable and they provide a little more seating than a single chair, but they take up less space than a common couch. Finding the perfect loveseat can be a exciting journey and typically involves the consideration of the following factors.

1. Choice of fabric. When you go in search of your perfect loveseat you’ll want to plan in advance whether you are looking for leather or fabric. Leather can be very durable and often comes in a single color. Fabric options on a loveseat are endless and should match the décor of the room you plan to put it in.

2. Plain fabric or print? If you decide on fabric, you’ll need to choose between all sorts of fabrics. One benefit of choosing a single color fabric over a print is accessorizing. This choice allows you more flexibility on the choice off colorful pillows or afghans that can be changed out with the seasons. A print fabric has multiple colors that you can accessorize around as well, with one color chosen from the print to place a single color throw or pillow that matches other furniture in the room.

3. Charm or durability or both? Do you prefer a rugged, hearty loveseat that is welcoming to kids and pets, a fine fabric that you know will look great on your loveseat or do you want it all?

4. Convertible or regular loveseat? Some loveseats can be converted into a single bed. This is convenient prospect for a single bed and is much more comfortable than sleeping on regular loveseat.

5. Ottoman or no ottoman? Many loveseats can be purchased or ordered with a matching ottoman. An ottoman is basically a foot rest, but in the right environment it can serve as a table. The ottoman can also provide additional seating as necessary.

Whatever you decide, the key to finding the perfect loveseat is to plan ahead and consider the ways you wish to use it in your home. Consider all the loveseats offered by England Furniture and find your perfect loveseat.

England Furniture Prepares for the 25th Annual ADE Golf Scramble


The England Furniture 24th Annual ADE Golf Scramble: (from left to right)Larry Moores, Jon Stacy, Chip Keaton, Brian Carter

On September 18, 2014, England Furniture vendors, suppliers, employees, and sales reps will join with those who generally love golf and will gather at the Woodlake Golf Resort in Tazewell, TN, to take part in the England Furniture 25th Annual ADE Golf Scramble.

The monies generated by the golfing event will be placed in the ADE Foundation, an entity created to disperse funds to charities that seek the good of the local community. Previous recipients have included the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Walter State Community College scholarships, and The Alpha School. Funds from the England Furniture Annual ADE Golf Scrambles have helped those affected by weather related catastrophes, they assisted in buying school supplies for elementary school students, and the funds generated have helped with the distribution of Christmas baskets to local under-privileged persons. Funds are used to aid the local community and whether they are given to employees or non-employees.

On Thursday, September 18, teams will gather at the Woodlake for two rounds of golf. Lunch will be provided and prizes will be awarded at the end of round two. For half of England Furniture’s existence, this event has been held in late summer to provide a day of friendly competition with industry friends, while, at the same time, assuring that funds will be available to help individuals in our community.

Many thanks to the loyal patrons who supported the Arnold Dwight England Golf Scramble year after year! Fore!

England Furniture Reviews Some Benefits of Sectional Sofas

england-furniture-sectional-sofaMost of us take pride in decorating our house to the best of our ability and many people take the time to find the perfect furniture for their home. Sofas are definitely a big part of those decisions and sectional sofas remain a popular choice.

The options of sofas available today are also limitless. What makes sectional sofas stand out is the obvious fact that one can pull the sofa apart. This flexibility allows you the option to arrange the sectional sofa in any style and manner you want it to be and whenever you wish to do so. Sectional sofas allow you to create different spaces and atmospheres as you please.

Another major benefit of sectional sofas is the seating space it offers. A ten foot feet sectional sofa, for example, will offer comfortable seating for at least four guests. This sectional sofa is the ideal choice for big families or people who entertain guests on a regular basis. Depending on the size of the room you may prefer a medium size sectional sofa. This choice allows you to utilize one of the most important benefits of a sectional sofa, its mobility.

Whatever your decorating style England Furniture sectional sofas will suite all your needs and help you to add that extra comfort and style to your home.

England Furniture Reviews Some Leather Furniture Myths

england-furniture-leather-sofaThere are several misconceptions about leather furniture that might cause some people to shy away from using it in their homes. These misconceptions include the belief that leather furniture is too expensive, hard to maintain, and should not be used in homes with children and/or pets. Another common misconception is that leather furniture only fits with certain decors.

Leather is a natural material and it has all of the qualities that make it ideal for furniture such as sofas and chairs. Leather is flexible, supple, and durable. In addition to being long-lasting, good quality leather can actually improve as it gracefully mellows with age and regular use.

Leather can be used on all styles of furniture from classical to western and contemporary to rustic. Leather furniture goes well with any decorating style, in formal or informal settings.

In most households, even ones with children and pets, regular cleaning of your leather furniture can be done by using the crevice tool of a vacuum in between and under the cushions and on the bottom. Dust the furniture with a soft, clean, and dry cloth. A clean, damp sponge or cloth will often take care of most water-based spills.

Leather furniture is durable and it resists tears. In normal situations, it is often able to withstand sharp object pressed against it. In many cases, the leather will simply stretch to a certain extent before the sharp object can poke through or rip the leather.

Even the best leather furniture can fade over time when it exposed to direct sunlight, as will almost any material, so be consider the placement of your furniture. You should try to keep leather furniture at least two feet away from heat sources such as a fireplace, heat vend, or radiator to avoid possible damage.

From a comfy leather sofa to a wood rocker with leather upholstery on the seat and seatback leather has proven to be among the strongest and most durable material used for furniture upholstering. Just like the natural appeal, the value is unmatched. Leather furniture is available in a wide variety of styles and designs and England Furniture has a wide selection of leather chairs and leather sofas.

Choosing the Perfect Sofa Style to Suit Your Style Design and Lifestyle

Certainly the largest piece of furniture in your home, and one that says the most about the overall design style of your home is your sofa. Some prefer the straight lines and minimal design of contemporary sofas. Others like sofas with lots of soft cushy pillows and floral patterns. Still others like sectional sofas.

Today sofas come in literally hundreds of styles with endless choices of upholstery. You can order your sofa mail order through companies like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Most people will tell you that after style the most important thing they look for in a sofa is comfort. Choosing the right style of sofa to enhance your home is key. There are many different styles of sofa to choose from, but most manufacturers break them down into two distinct styles, traditional and contemporary. For instance, more traditional styles of sofa would include barrel back, English arm, tufted back, tight back and tuxedo.

However, depending on fabric choices a Tuxedo sofa could be used in a contemporary home. Contemporary styles include sock arm, channel back and sectional. Some sofas come with pillows attached to the sofa, some come with loose pillows that you can free style any way you choose. Another thing that gives your sofa a definite style is fabric choice. When you visit most furniture stores you’ll have the ability to first choose the style sofa you want and then pick your choice of fabric. Some manufacturers have 30 or more different fabrics you can choose from when you are designing a sofa, with the only limit being how much money you want to spend. The choice of fabric can add thousands of dollars to the final cost of a sofa. Bold bright colors and geometric designs would be used on contemporary sofas and softer muted colors and prints would be used on traditional sofas.

Leather sofas are very popular. With routine care leather is a very durable upholstery choice on a sofa. You’ll want to keep a leather clean and moisturized.

Another sofa option you will want to consider is whether you want a sofa bed, also known as a sleeper sofa, or a reclining sofa or a convertible sofa. Obviously a sleeper sofa or convertible sofa can come in very handy as an extra bedroom for someone who may live in an apartment or have a smaller home who still wants to be able to accommodate guests overnight.

As with any major purchase, shop around. Look around online at different sofa selections so that you can get an idea of what you want before you visit store after store after store. If you see a sofa doing an online search you should be able to find a store that sells that particular brand.

Another great sofa option you may want to consider is a reclining sofa. It really is the best of both worlds. Sofas that are reclining sofas generally have two seats that recline, for maximum comfort. You can get a reclining sofa in most styles, contemporary and traditional.

The most important thing is that our sofa is comfortable for you. Sit in it, recline back if it’s a recliner, lie down across it, after all, that’s where you’ll be napping, isn’t it?

To learn more about Sofas please visit http://www.squidoo.com/sofas

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