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Tips for Decorating and Arranging Furniture in a Small Living Room

England Furniture Venice two arm lounge chair

Many people find small living rooms a challenge, but limited space doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable, effective living area that looks and feels spacious.  Here are some items to consider as you seek to furnish and design your small living room area.

First, “think light.”  Anything with dark colors or a heavy look will quickly fill the room.  Avoid those colors and looks.  Instead consider light-color furniture and/or pieces with legs.  These will appear lighter than dark pieces or boxy pieces.  You could also consider armless chairs while avoiding furniture with a tall backrest.  Leggy chairs don’t obstruct views of the passage or the floor so it creates an illusion of open space.  Coffee tables with glass tops also create more visual space. Check out the great selection of coffee tables from England Furniture.

Use neutral colors!  Using a neutral palette throughout a small living room is one of the best ways to push back the walls.  This allows the eye to roam freely across the room so the space feels more expansive.  Consider neutrals colors for your larger furnishings and then add texture by mixing in smaller pieces that have different styles and/or colors.

Purchase your furniture first!  Most people work backwards in this regard.  They first choose their wall color and then their furniture.   Consider your plan for furniture and accents first and then choose a wall color that both matches them and creates space.  This will help you avoid having to possibly repaint the room after all the furniture is in.

Use small scale furniture.  Everyone loves a huge, comfy couch but if it fills up half of your living space your love for it could quickly diminish.  Instead choose furniture that is scale appropriate for the room, suitable for the purposes of your living room, and for the people who will most use it.

Use an ottoman as a coffee table.  Sometimes your space means purchasing furniture that can serve dual purposes.  A large upholstered ottoman is a great way to double up.  Simply play a tray on top of the ottoman and use it as a place to write, hold your laptop or place your drink.  Check out our England Furniture ottomans that can serve this dual purpose.

Think ahead!  Realize that you may not have a small living room forever and England Furniture sofas last for years and years.  Choose a sofa that is comfortable and works well in your current living area but also one that you feel is a good investment for future use.

Some Living Room Furniture Rearrangements Tips from England Furniture

England Furniture Arrangment Considering how you’ll arrange your furniture in a living room is important. Not only does it set the tone for how you’ll live in that room but it can help you create a comfortable and welcoming environment that makes the most of your space.  Here are some tips to consider when you’re arranging – or rearranging – your furniture.

Start with a plan – Before you start to move anything take some time to create some rough sketches.  This helps to get your creative juices flowing and it can save you from doing a lot of unnecessary moving or lifting.   You can also visit the online England Furniture Room Planner to help you get started.

TV or talk? – Consider how you intend to use your living room.  Do you plan to primary watch TV, play video games or sit in front of a fireplace?  Do you primarily use the room for visiting with others and holding conversations?  If it’s the former you’ll likely want to create a space where the TV screen, fireplace (or any other item of attention) acts as your focal point.  Place the sofa across from your focal point and angle all other pieces to face the same direction.  This allows everyone a good look at the television or crackling fire.  If you plan to use the room primary for conversation consider using the face-to-face stance. Here two sofas (or a sofa and a pair of chairs) sit directly across from one another, with the focal point at one end. Positioning the seating in this fashion facilitates conversation because no one has a direct view of the focal point. It can also be useful when the room will be primarily used for reading, working on a laptop, or listening to music.

Be flexible – Now that you have some idea how the room will be primarily used and you have some plans in place remind yourself to also be flexible.  Don’t be afraid to make some changes.  Sometimes you simply won’t fully know how things will look until they’re actually in place.  Be ready to make a few tweaks and changes here and there.

Be kind – As you arrange your furniture be mindful how others will walk in the room and what activities they’ll do in this room.  When trying out your furniture arrangement make sure you allow enough space between furniture corners so people can move without bumping into them.  Also try to give everyone a resting place for their book, drink or plate of food.  Consider where all the electrical outlets are located and ask yourself if a person will use a laptop (or other electronic device) near a given piece of furniture.

Matching your space – If an arrangement simply isn’t working you may need to clear out some space. Try removing one or two pieces of furniture into a different room.  Don’t be afraid of empty space. If you need a new piece to make your furniture arrangement work, leave that space empty for a little while and and then consider the vast variety of pieces available to you from England Furniture.