What’s Beneath the Upholstery Matters

Difference between England Furniture frame and the competition

Price, Comfort, and Fabric are the 3 different factors that shoppers place too much importance on. The true value is beneath the upholstery. The quality of the furniture is very important and if it is cheaply made, it will only last a few years if you’re lucky.


England Furniture prides itself in crafting quality, durable furniture that is built to last for years to come. England Furniture produces over 350,000 expertly crafted pieces each year and makes sure to be punctual for every customer.


The frame is the most important part for building furniture that lasts a lifetime in terms of strength and durability. Each piece is cut to perfection with 14 computerized routers.


England Furniture produces strong frames, arms to sofas, and chairs built with fine plywood reinforced with enough hardwood to ensure its structural integrity.

This is just the beginning of the manufacturing process, and to learn more, visit the England Furniture Factory Tour site!

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The Design Twins Incorporate a Bold Pattern


Balancing an accent wall and bold chairs is no easy feat. The Design Twins, tell us on their blog why they chose England Furniture. For them it came down to quality and style choice. Twins Julie and Jodie mention how England Furniture offers one of the best furniture warranties and how important it was for them that England Furniture is made in America. On their blog, they show how to make the hot new décor trends work by using the Tara Sofa and the Singleton Arm chairs from England Furniture.

The Tara Sofa gives a casual style while its tall tapered wood leg give it a more modern look. They paired this modern and casual sofa with two Singleton Arm chairs with the Mara Blue pattern, which they thought was a bold design move. As the saying goes, “the greater the risk the greater the potential is for reward!” The petite scale of the Singleton Arm chair is the perfect choice if you don’t want the chair to impact your personal space.

Why “Our Vintage Nest” blogger chose Rosalie by England Furniture


A favorite among many interior decorators is the Rosalie sofa. With its elegant rolled arms and wooden legs, this sofa has a lot of character. It comes with cushions that are upholstered on both sides, which gives you the ability to flip cushions. Something Alicia from Our Vintage Nest really appreciated with her Rosalie sofas were the details. She wrote on her blog how her sofas from the Rosalie Collection from England Furniture has a classic look, with just the right curves. She also mentioned how happy she was with the choice of fabric.

For Alicia’s home, she chose the fabric called Benavento Linen, which is not only a pretty color, but she also describes how she requested her fabric to be scotch guarded and how it really worked to protect from stains. Alicia had already experienced a few accidents, as a mom of two, and spills came up with ease. This sofa comes with the opportunity to choose from over 400 fabrics, so you can find just the color that suits your needs the best.

Benefits of Buying American-Made Furniture


If you aim to buy American and support local business, you might be thinking about finding a furniture manufacturer right in the United States. There is no shortage of talented craftsmen in America, and England Furniture has taken advantage of that by setting up shop right in Tennessee. Here are just some benefits of buying American-made furniture.

American Jobs

Helping out fellow Americans is as easy as buying American-made products. In fact, England Furniture recently announced an expansion to their factory in Tennessee where 200 new jobs are being created.

Environmentally Friendly

The amount of gas and diesel burned to ship furniture from overseas is staggering–and it will take more gasoline yet to get that furniture into your home. Less smog in the air is a win for everyone!

Fast Manufacturing

England Furniture has been known for their expedient manufacturing processes since the 1960’s. In three weeks or less, England Furniture gets orders out the door, so you can have your customized piece quick!

Learn more about England Furniture and #PlantTourTuesday by joining the online community! Pictured is the Brett chair.

Width 43″
Depth 38″
Height 37″
Seat Width 22″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

England Furniture Creates 200 Jobs in Tennessee


To further our commitment to creating jobs in the United States and investing in talent right in Tennessee, we are proud to announce an expansion to our manufacturing plant and corporate offices, which were destroyed by a fire less than one year ago. Along with the expansion, we will be able to create about 200 jobs right in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Learn more about this announcement at England Furniture: Creating 200 Jobs & Expanding.

Three Easy Ways to Welcome Springtime Indoors


Letting that warm springtime feeling inside after a cold winter is one of the best parts of the seasons changing. Welcome the sunshine indoors by refreshing your space. Spring cleaning is more than just dusting—think about starting the new season with a better living room furniture set!

1. Clean

Spring cleaning can become a fun family tradition. Get some music playing, assign tasks, and get the whole family in a cleaning competition!

2. Use Your Green Thumb

Add some plants into your space. Humans are naturally drawn to nature, and adding a vivacious green plant—real or fake—can help bring the budding branches indoors.

3. Furniture Update

Store away heavy blankets and transition into the light, airy feeling of spring. Swap out those dark, heavy curtains with light, sheer ones! If you are considering a new piece of furniture, you will want one that can easily transition through all seasons. The light gray upholstery on this England Furniture Monroe Sectional (pictured) can look chic in any season.

Sectional Dimensions:
Width 124″
Depth 125″
Height 35″
Seat Depth 22″

Creating Balance in Interior Design


Redecorating your space can be fun and refreshing–especially with Spring approaching. With so many ideas online, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by pieces that look like they go together, but don’t quite look right in your space. One trick interior designers turn to when laying out a space is a principle of design: balance.

Balance can help you determine where something “goes”. Whether you’ve purchased a new piece of furniture, or you’re just adding in a new lamp, balance can guide your design decisions.

There are three primary types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Symmetrical balance refers to mirroring over a central axis, while asymmetrical has more to do with weight. Radial balance means a room is arranged around a central point to evoke centrifugal motion.

Pictured here is a great example of asymmetrical balance. You can see how the weight of the room is balanced out by a small side table and a tall, skinny lamp. The Malibu sectional’s chaise balances with the other side of the sofa.

Check out the Malibu Sectional by England FurnitureMalibuEnglandFurniture
Width 148″
Depth 106″
Height 38″

Gray Tufted Sofa

Gray Tufted Sofa

The gray tufted sofa is a trendy, sophisticated style to incorporate into a contemporary space. However, since many people are looking for this type of sofa, cut-rate manufacturers are producing gray tufted sofas that won’t last. England Furniture believes that furniture should be high quality with fair prices—and each peace is made in America.

The Brody Sofa in this gray color might just be the gray tufted sofa of your dreams. Its dark tapered legs contrast with the soft tufted back and rounded tops. England Furniture is comfortable, stylish and will last your family for years to come. While there are so many reasons to love this gray tufted sofa, this sofa comes in a wide variety of colors and textures.


Width 81″

Depth 38″

Height 36″

Seat Width 72″

Seat Depth 22″

Seat Height 21″

Gray Tufted Sofa

Twin Sleeper Sofa

Twin Sleeper Sofa

The twin sleeper sofa is just what you need if you’re short on space but need a comfortable place to offer a guest. Perfect for the living room, a child’s room or if you don’t need the bulk of having a queen or full sleeper sofa, a twin sleeper sofa might be the perfect fit. Here are other ways you could use a twin sleeper sofa:

Chair and a Half

The twin sleeper sofa is wide enough to be a chair and a half so you’ll have enough space for you and a pet to hang out and watch tv. Otherwise, it’s a comfortable place to cuddle up in a blanket and watch your favorite shows.

Kid’s Room

A twin sleeper sofa is great for a kid’s room because it can double as a place for your child’s friend to sleep, as well as a chair you both can share to read stories together. Fold it out when hosting a sleepover, and tuck it back for story time.

The Seabury Twin Sleeper (pictured) by England Furniture provides all the comfort and convenience you could ever want in a twin sleeper sofa. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can have the twin sleeper sofa of your dreams.

Width 54″
Depth 37″
Height 35″
Seat Width 38″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

Twin Sleeper Sofa

Black Leather Sectional

black leather sectional

When the Little Black Dress was popularized by Coco Chanel, she intended for it to be classic and sophisticated. One could describe the black leather sectional in the same way. The Miller Sectional by England Furniture has this same type of elegance; although it has a more contemporary feel.

High quality leather will stand the test of time—which is why England Furniture is built to last. Each piece is manufactured in Tennessee and can be in your home thirty days after ordering. Getting this stunning piece of furniture in your house can happen quicker than you may think.

From the solid pyramid legs to the high arms and low back, this black leather sectional is truly unique. The tufted back adds another level of sophistication that can fit beautifully in a mod space.


Width 80″

Depth 108″

Height 31″

black leather sectional