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England Furniture Prepares for the 25th Annual ADE Golf Scramble


The England Furniture 24th Annual ADE Golf Scramble: (from left to right)Larry Moores, Jon Stacy, Chip Keaton, Brian Carter

On September 18, 2014, England Furniture vendors, suppliers, employees, and sales reps will join with those who generally love golf and will gather at the Woodlake Golf Resort in Tazewell, TN, to take part in the England Furniture 25th Annual ADE Golf Scramble.

The monies generated by the golfing event will be placed in the ADE Foundation, an entity created to disperse funds to charities that seek the good of the local community. Previous recipients have included the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Walter State Community College scholarships, and The Alpha School. Funds from the England Furniture Annual ADE Golf Scrambles have helped those affected by weather related catastrophes, they assisted in buying school supplies for elementary school students, and the funds generated have helped with the distribution of Christmas baskets to local under-privileged persons. Funds are used to aid the local community and whether they are given to employees or non-employees.

On Thursday, September 18, teams will gather at the Woodlake for two rounds of golf. Lunch will be provided and prizes will be awarded at the end of round two. For half of England Furniture’s existence, this event has been held in late summer to provide a day of friendly competition with industry friends, while, at the same time, assuring that funds will be available to help individuals in our community.

Many thanks to the loyal patrons who supported the Arnold Dwight England Golf Scramble year after year! Fore!

England Furniture Reviews Some Benefits of Sectional Sofas

england-furniture-sectional-sofaMost of us take pride in decorating our house to the best of our ability and many people take the time to find the perfect furniture for their home. Sofas are definitely a big part of those decisions and sectional sofas remain a popular choice.

The options of sofas available today are also limitless. What makes sectional sofas stand out is the obvious fact that one can pull the sofa apart. This flexibility allows you the option to arrange the sectional sofa in any style and manner you want it to be and whenever you wish to do so. Sectional sofas allow you to create different spaces and atmospheres as you please.

Another major benefit of sectional sofas is the seating space it offers. A ten foot feet sectional sofa, for example, will offer comfortable seating for at least four guests. This sectional sofa is the ideal choice for big families or people who entertain guests on a regular basis. Depending on the size of the room you may prefer a medium size sectional sofa. This choice allows you to utilize one of the most important benefits of a sectional sofa, its mobility.

Whatever your decorating style England Furniture sectional sofas will suite all your needs and help you to add that extra comfort and style to your home.

England Furniture Reviews Some Leather Furniture Myths

england-furniture-leather-sofaThere are several misconceptions about leather furniture that might cause some people to shy away from using it in their homes. These misconceptions include the belief that leather furniture is too expensive, hard to maintain, and should not be used in homes with children and/or pets. Another common misconception is that leather furniture only fits with certain decors.

Leather is a natural material and it has all of the qualities that make it ideal for furniture such as sofas and chairs. Leather is flexible, supple, and durable. In addition to being long-lasting, good quality leather can actually improve as it gracefully mellows with age and regular use.

Leather can be used on all styles of furniture from classical to western and contemporary to rustic. Leather furniture goes well with any decorating style, in formal or informal settings.

In most households, even ones with children and pets, regular cleaning of your leather furniture can be done by using the crevice tool of a vacuum in between and under the cushions and on the bottom. Dust the furniture with a soft, clean, and dry cloth. A clean, damp sponge or cloth will often take care of most water-based spills.

Leather furniture is durable and it resists tears. In normal situations, it is often able to withstand sharp object pressed against it. In many cases, the leather will simply stretch to a certain extent before the sharp object can poke through or rip the leather.

Even the best leather furniture can fade over time when it exposed to direct sunlight, as will almost any material, so be consider the placement of your furniture. You should try to keep leather furniture at least two feet away from heat sources such as a fireplace, heat vend, or radiator to avoid possible damage.

From a comfy leather sofa to a wood rocker with leather upholstery on the seat and seatback leather has proven to be among the strongest and most durable material used for furniture upholstering. Just like the natural appeal, the value is unmatched. Leather furniture is available in a wide variety of styles and designs and England Furniture has a wide selection of leather chairs and leather sofas.